Have you ever made chicken in the oven, put it in the fridge, and wondered at what point is it no longer safe to eat? Do you do the sniff test? Or how about veggies that you made last week. Do you think they are good to eat until you see a bit of fur growing?

Well, you are not alone.

I have done the sniff test and have checked to see if my stir fry is now a science experiment.

Years ago, I came across an amazing document that was called the Ontario Food Handlers Storage Guide. Check out the below information to know when your leftovers are compost ready or if you can still use them for lunch.

Cupboard-Room Temp Items

Bread crumbs-3 months

Crackers-6 months

Cereal-8 months

Flour, baking powder/soda, instant coffee, cake mixes, tea bags and canned food-1 year

Dried pasta, sugar and rice-several years

Potatoes and tomatoes-1 week

Onions-6 weeks

Potatoes in a cool space-6 months

Freezer Storage

Butter, fruits and veggies-1 year

Ice Cream-1 month

Fish-6 months

Shellfish-2-4 months

Uncooked beef-10-12 months

Uncooked chicken-6 months

Uncooked Ground meat-2-3 months

Uncooked Pork-8-12 months

Cooked meat-1-3 months

Fridge Storage

Butter-8 weeks

Eggs-3 weeks

Fish-uncooked 3-4 days, cooked 1-2 days

Apples-2 months

Blueberries, Peaches, Pears, brussel sprouts, cucumber, green onions, peppers-1 week

Grapes, plums, asparagus, beans-5 days

Broccoli-3 days

Uncooked steak, chicken-2-3 days

Uncooked ground meat-1-2 days

Cooked meat-3-4 days

Soups-2-3 days