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Meet Carolynne, Professional Food Coach

When I was growing up, the dinner table was always a fun filled place to share, laugh, and get together as a family.  We made fun of eachother, we listened to all of our triumphs and sorrows, we made plans for the weekend, and celebrated our time together.  It was home…

Today, I do my very best to instill this same culture with my family (my hubbie and 2 kids – although, sometimes you “could” argue I realy have 3 kids… KIDDING!!) and it’s a goal that I set for myself every day.  It’s the foundation of our family time together, and we try to plan for it every day if we can, but, that doesn’t always happen.  It really is tricky sometimes balancing that work / life balance.

Sound familiar? 

This Is Where SassyGrub Comes In

I’m a Professional Food Coach who is here to help you plan and organize your meal time, so you can spend as much family time together as you can.  My easy to follow step by step guide, will help you create meal plans, comprehensive grocery lists, and give you money in the bank for more fun stuff! 

Recipes and Signature Dishes

I woudn’t necessarily call myself a “foodie” but my program also involves a wide varity of recipes, and signature dishes.  I do also know a number of people who are in the food industry (Competition BBQ Judges, Wine Adventurers, a Whisky Ambassador, and maybe even a chef or two), so be sure to watch out for any Special Guest segments.  You WON’T want to miss these!