Welcome to the world of SassyGrub!

Here, you will find recipes that have gone through the intense approval process of my family, foodie thoughts that ramble through my brain on a regular basis as well as tips to help you get from A to B in record time.

Save time and money and get sassy. For real!

I want you to have fun. I want you to know that yes, you can make dinner for your family that rocks and walk away feeling like you are the bomb. I’m talking fist pump in the air satisfaction with your spouse looking at you with 1 raised eye brow. You know-that look….. That look that says, “Damn, I am taking out the garbage, the compost and will do the dishes for you because that dinner, was un-fucking-believable.”

Let’s get fancy….

My mother-in-law walked into the kitchen tonight and asked me, “What fancy thing are you making for dinner tonight?” She has been eating with us for years, but the fact that she views my cooking as “fancy” blows my mind. My 15 year old daughter has friends over and they are often saying that they want to come back for dinner.

From the salmon with homemade teriyaki sauce, to pulled pork to family owned coleslaw recipes to risotto…. stick with me and you will be the master of your kitchen!

Want to go on this journey with me? Want to explore food and have a feeling of “Fuck yes, that was good!”

Then let’s go!

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Until then-stay sassy.