I just heard about Epicure about a year ago. And truth be told, I was a smidge skeptical. I mean, crack open a packet and add seasonings to make a delicious meal. Simple. Easy. Quick. And, healthy, not to mention a great time saver. Too good to be true?

So, I checked it out.

A friend of mine was having an online party and included me-and so, the journey began.

When I investigated the site, there are tons of packets for snacks, dinners and sauces. I opted for a few packets for dinner, because that is just the way I roll. But check this out: Going online, there are recipes for no bake cheesecake, cornbread muffins, tacos and a ton more. On top of all of that, there is a 3-week meal plan if you are thinking about mapping out your dinners. The meal plan is complete with a grocery list so you are able to get prepared. (Speaking my language!) Clean, specific, and easy to follow. Love this about their website!

As a virgin Epicure-ist, I opted for 4 different items that appealed to my family: General Tso Chicken, Rotisserie Chicken, Donair and Chocolate Cupcakes.

I am going to say the General Tso Chicken had the most flavour and was the most liked by my family. But here is the kicker: it doesn’t taste like what you would pick up at Chinese take-out. BUT, if you call it a stir fry to your family, then it is fantastic! Yup, I recommend this one.

The Rotisserie Chicken was great and we used it for the BBQ. Added the rub and BBQ’ed low and slow for just over an hour. The seasonings were great and the chicken was super moist. Yup, I recommend this one too.

The Donair was just ok. Now I will say that after speaking to my friend, she said when making the Donair, it doesn’t come with anything else and there are no recommendations for the sauce or add ons. The sauce and all the “fixings” need to be made separately. Lesson learned and will give it another go-after I find a recipe for the Donair sauce.

The cupcakes were really good, although again, no icing. For some reason, I was hoping that on the back there would be a recipe for icing for the cupcakes, but no. I need to give it another whirl and find a great chocolate icing to put on top.

All in all, I am now an Epicur-ist. I have in my pantry chicken stock, Guacamole mix, and pulled chicken. Stay tuned and I continue the Epicure journey, and fill you in along the way.

Until then, stay sassy friend.