Keep it super-simple!

This is code for, I don’t have the freaking time to pull together a side that will take an hour to create. All right. Now that we have this really clear, first I am going to tell you that this is something that is a step above steamed green beans. Are you ready?

Green beans-steam ’em.

Add salt, a teaspoon of butter while still hot, wait until the butter melts, then top with a sprinkle of sliced almonds.

Voila! Now you have green beans almondine! I am not even going to include a recipe below as it seriously is just adding 3 items that you already have in your pantry to your steamed green beans.

And here is why I love this side: It is tasty, it is fast and the almonds add an awesome crunch.

We look forward to this side on a regular basis, particularly in the spring when green beans are in season.

Keep it simple and stay sassy friends.