Katleyn is developing her own style, her own palette and is starting to dabble in the kitchen. At 16, she is just starting to become adventurous with putting ingredients together that sound appealing to her, so, this recipe was her creation!

The kid loves pasta. She loves all kinds of pasta and I made this quick and easy lunch with rotini pasta noodles. They hold the pesto as well as the bits of sundried tomato like a glove. I didn’t even know she liked sun dried tomatoes! If you have read a couple of my other posts-specifically about cooking during my lunch time-I have mentioned that I do not want to cook twice in one day, let alone spend my entire lunch hour in front of a fry pan.

Having the kids at home for lunches during the week while we are in this pandemic can be a challenge. After all, the cafeteria is our kitchen. We had to put our heads together to figure out what works for the three of us for lunch. Each week I ask them what food they feel like and inevitably, I get a groan or on a good day, I get actual words: “I don’t know”. Both responses are equally helpful….’sigh’

Which brings me full circle to Katelyn’s lunch creation! Pesto pasta-and I have to be honest here…I really don’t measure ingredients. I toss stuff in the pot and see if it looks right for her taste buds. Experiment with the ingredients because pasta is insanely versatile and you can put a whack of stuff together. This is her stuff.

Pesto Pasta

Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course lunch
Cuisine American


  • Cooked chicken or beef. We prefer Chicken-chopped into bite size pieces.
  • 1 tbsp Pesto Heaping tbsp.
  • Pasta-Rotini is what we used.
  • 1 tsp Sundried Tomatoes Chopped


  • Cook your pasta according to package directions. Usually it takes about 9 minutes.
  • Once the pasta is done cooking, drain and add pasta back to the pot.
  • Add chicken/beef to pasta.
  • Add sundried tomatoes to pasta and chicken.
  • Add pesto to pasta, chicken and sun dried tomatoes.
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