Remove The Stress

It’s a Work / Life Balance Thing

Do you find you’re wondering about what to make for supper, around 4 o’clock in the afternoon?  Do you work to 5, have to get little Johnny to soccer practice for 6:30, still need to drive home, change, and take the dog for a walk?  Sounds like it’s going to be another night of unappealing, unflavourful, and expensive fast food.


What else keeps you up at night?

We all wake up at some HORRIBLE time in the middle of the night, can’t get back to sleep, and wind up “thinking” about ALL the things we have to do. 


  • Fixed Schedules
  • Reports, Reports and Reports
  • Nasty Clients
  • Boss Always Looking Over Your Shoulder
  • Always Being Asked To Do More
  • Emails Won’t Stop Coming
  • Phone Won’t Stop Ringing
  • Do I Change My Work Schedule
  • Can I Leave Early
  • Cubicle Gophers



  • Kids All Have Sports Tonight
  • Kids All Have Homework Tonight
  • Dog Hasn’t Been Out ALL Day
  • Isn’t There a Lacrosse Tournament Coming Up
  • We Don’t Spend Enough Time Together as a Family
  • How Can I Get The Kids To Eat Most Of Their Dinner
  • How Do I Feed Everyone HEALTHY Food

Money & Time

  • Everything Is SO Much More Expensive
  • We Don’t Have Time To Shop For Groceries
  • Is There Enough Food In The Fridge
  • What’s On Skip The Dishes
  • I’d Love To Cook More
  • I’ve Never Been Taught How To Cook, Budget for Groceries, or Plan
  • We Need To Save Money For A Family Vacation

Sound Familiar?

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Some Key Benefits

Proactive Preparation

  • Save time with meals, and spend more time with family.
  • Put dinner on the table strategically around family events.
  • Use time wizely to prioritize, and keep a small window of time to plan and shop.
  • No more stressing about dinning while you’re at work.
  • Lower your anxiety, get calmer, relieve stress, and be happier!


Get Confident and Have Fun!

  • You’ll be organized!
  • You’ll be engaged in meal planning!
  • You’ll love to try new reciepes!
  • You’ll get your family engaged!
  • You’ll save money!
  • You’ll have more time AND money for FUN!

Everthing Is Personalized

No Two Plans Are Alike

I will work collaboratively with you to come up with recipes and meal planning strategies, to take the stress off of your meal preparation. 

Get Confident and Have Fun!

Let me help you plan, organize, and get more of your time back…

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